Online Classes Now Available

COVID-19 Stay at Home orders got you down? We are here for you to help you stay fit and active while staying home. These classes are open to anyone and include pilates-based core exercises, ballet, and stretching / wellness taught by our wonderful Arcadia instructors including Kim Z., Amanda, and Jaclyn.

Students who already have an account can enroll for these classes via our VAMP online registration system under “Register for Online Class”, or via ClassPass if you are a member of their platform.

Suggested fee per 45 or 60-minute class: $15. Suggested fee per 30-minute class: $10. If you are experiencing financial hardship, you can manually adjust the tuition amount when registering in VAMP to whatever you can afford. Proceeds will support the instructors and studio during our closure, which we anticipate will extend through May and well into June.

45 and 60-minute course offerings include:

Cardio Core with Kim Z. Saturdays 10:30am-11:30am and Wednesdays 6-7pm

A ground based workout designed to get your heart rate up in a full body workout. Pilates based movement combining strength and mobility, including work on aerial inversion techniques from the ground. No equipment needed.

Wake Up! Body Maintenance for At-Home Health with Amanda Monday and Friday 9-9:45am

A ground based workout designed to get the blood flowing and establish a connection with your physical body to start the day on the right foot! Core work, conditioning, and gentle stretching to help prepare and activate the body for a day of working from home.

Ballet Barre with Jaclyn Mondays 6-6:45pm

Do you have a chair, a couch, or a countertop in your home? Then you have a barre for Ballet! Join in to learn Ballet movements and vocabulary, discover how to organize your skeleton and use your deep muscles for balance and strength, and explore the joy of moving through and alternating between soft, sustained, and quick movements.

30-minute course offerings include:

🚆 SixPack Express: 30 Minute Abs with Kim Z Tuesdays 10am

Burn fat and sculpt your abdominals in this intensive class. Cardio blasts and deep abdominal work in all planes. This class is designed to keep your inversion muscles in aerial shape. Precise form is an ABS-olute necessity to build endurance and flatten your tummy.  No equipment required, a gentle warm up before class is advised.

🍑 Squeeze That Peach with Kim Z Tuesdays 6pm

This 30 minute class is all about legs, glutes and hips! Firm buns, tone thighs and strengthen your hips in all planes while connecting deeply to your core. This work will complement your movement in the air exploring leg pathways. Suggested equipment: circular resistance band (your choice of resistance), light to medium hand weights.

🔥 Barre Burn with Jaclyn Thursdays 7:30pm

A  hybrid workout class – combining ballet-inspired moves, such as plies, with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. Find something to hold on to (chair, counter, etc.) and work through dynamic strength exercises, cardio bursts, and total-body endurance workouts alongside static stretches. Barre Burn also focuses on high reps of small range movements.

If you haven’t used our online class registration system before, you can learn more about how to get your account created and log in on our New Students page. Feel free to email with questions.