Arcadia Closed

Thank you for 3 wonderful years of learning, performance, culture and community, Ballard!

As of 11/17/20, we are permanently closed at our Ballard location.

Please stay in touch with us at for news of upcoming performances and activities in the future.

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Arcadia is the home of The Cabiri, a nonprofit organization that transports modern audiences into the myths and stories of lesser-known, ancient, and endangered cultures through the performing arts.

How Can I Donate?

The Cabiri is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. The majority of our efforts are volunteer-based projects that serve to present affordable cultural education to the general public. Our shows make every effort to take the audience into the magical world of myth in a way the viewer has never experienced. As the arts are struggling financially more than ever before, we need all help that we can get. All donations are tax deductible and we present receipts for any donation. Thank you for your donation. It helps us more than you can imagine.