Welcome to Arcadia

A sanctuary for arts, culture, and creativity in Seattle’s Ballard-Fremont neighborhood. Find us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest announcements.

Location: 943 NW 50th Street

Hours: Mon-Thurs 5pm-9pm | Fri-Sat 11am-4pm | Sun 9:30am-4pm

Arcadia is the home of The Cabiri, a nonprofit organization that transports modern audiences into the myths and stories of lesser-known, ancient, and endangered cultures through the performing arts.


Want to attend a performance or workshop at Arcadia? Visit our EVENTS page to learn more.


Interested in taking a class? Visit our CLASSES page and CALENDAR page.


Looking to rent a space for our rehearsal or event? Visit our RENTALS page to learn more. Please contact us at arcadia@cabiri.org if you have questions.

Arcadia Events

Arcadia Classes

Welcome and thank you for your interest in classes at Arcadia, Ballard’s newest cultural arts center located at

943 NW 50th Street.

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Aerial Dance Classes

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Dance, Flexibility, and Conditioning Classes

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Open Studio, Pro Training, and Private Lessons

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Studio Memberships

Want to join us for regular aerial and dance workouts? Monthly studio memberships are now available at Arcadia.

Purchase a monthly membership via your VAMP account under “Buy a Package.” Please pre-register for all courses you wish to attend via your membership in VAMP so we can ensure there is space for you in class. When signing in for class at the studio, select Punchcard as your payment method.

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Class and Training Rates

Aerial & Flexibility Classes:

Drop In – $25
5-Class Card – $115
10-Class Card – $220
20-Class Card – $420

Dance Classes:

Drop In – $15
5-Class Card – $65
10-Class Card – $120

Open Studio, Pro Training & Private Lessons:

Open Studio – $14/day
5-Class Card – $65
10-Class Card – $120

Pro Training – $10/hour; $99/month

Private Lessons* – $80/hour (1-2 students), $120/hour (3-4 students), $30/person/hour (5 or more students)

Available Facilities

Founders Studio

Loft Studio

North Studio

The Founder’s Studio is A 42’x41’ room with a 30’x40’ sprung dance floor, 8’ tall mirrors, and skylights that provide plenty of natural light during the day. Includes the use of our house sound system. Please contact arcadia@cabiri.org for rates.

The Loft Studio is a 12’x20’ elevated mezzanine that overlooks the North Studio, suitable for small workshops or flexibility classes and training. Overhead skylights provide natural light during the day. Be aware that sound from North Studio may carry into the Loft if there are other activities in process. Capacity – up to 16 persons. Please contact arcadia@cabiri.org for rates.

The North Studio is a 17’x20’ space with 1” thick foam flooring. Please contact arcadia@cabiri.org for rates.

How Can I Donate?

The Cabiri is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. The majority of our efforts are volunteer-based projects that serve to present affordable cultural education to the general public. Our shows make every effort to take the audience into the magical world of myth in a way the viewer has never experienced. As the arts are struggling financially more than ever before, we need all help that we can get. All donations are tax deductible and we present receipts for any donation. Thank you for your donation. It helps us more than you can imagine.

Our Cultural Community